Room and Board at Monticello Seminary

Back in the day, those who attended Monticello Seminary had their choice of either living “on-campus” or off – and tuition, room and board and expenses were adjusted accordingly. Frequently, these days, we overhear students lament that there isn’t on-campus housing, and the fact that many of today’s classrooms were the rooms the young ladies once called home during the school year intrigues them.
Below is a brief comparison of expenses in 1843 versus now.
  • If you lived on-campus in 1843, tuition, room and board, and expenses were $110 for the equivalent of a fall and spring semester combined. That would be $2,672.09 today.
  • If you lived off-campus in 1843, tuition and expenses were $40—or $971.67 today.
  • Just for the sake of further comparison, a course that costs $374 today would have cost $16.27 back in 1843.