Room and Board at Monticello Seminary

Back in the day, those who attended Monticello Seminary had their choice of either living “on-campus” or off – and tuition, room and board and expenses were adjusted accordingly. Frequently, these days, we overhear students lament that there isn’t on-campus housing, and the fact that many of today’s classrooms were the rooms the young ladies once called home during the school year intrigues them.
Below is a brief comparison of expenses in 1843 versus now.
  • If you lived on-campus in 1843, tuition, room and board, and expenses were $110 for the equivalent of a fall and spring semester combined. That would be $2,672.09 today.
  • If you lived off-campus in 1843, tuition and expenses were $40—or $971.67 today.
  • Just for the sake of further comparison, a course that costs $374 today would have cost $16.27 back in 1843.

One thought on “Room and Board at Monticello Seminary

  1. Summer of 1971 I took Algebra (Ms. Trent) and Psychology (Joe Holcomb) @ the new LC. Between classes I discovered how intriguing it was to wander through the recently abandoned dorm rooms upstairs and view all the farewell graffiti the last “Monti girls” had painted on the walls. Nostalgic poems, funny archival-type jokes, and lots of sad or frowning cartoons documented that the last class understood quite clearly that a great tradition was ending on their watch. Every day as I went into new rooms to see additional graffiti (it was too much to do at once!), I noted how previous rooms I had visited were already being painted over. Just think what a wonderful job Paige could have done photographing that bittersweet art for posterity!


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