Fobes Hall Cornerstone

“Wherefore, Be it Resolved, as the sense of this Board, that considering her connexion with this Institution from its origin, her intimate acquaintance with the present system, and with the whole routine of studies, her pre-eminent qualifications for maintaining and perfecting this system, and for directing this routine, of study, as evidenced from her character and standing both at home and abroad, among all who have left, as well as among all who remain, there is no one known to this Board to whom the destinies of Monticello Seminary can be so safely confided as to Ms. Philena Fobes;
Resolved, therefore, that the appointment of Principal of Monticello Seminary be, and the same is hereby conferred upon Ms. Philena Fobes, with the fullest latitude of discretion as to its internal management, warranted by the Deed of Trust, and the fundamental laws of the institution.” Twenty years later, almost to the day and on March 21, 1865, Ms. Fobes “presented her resignation of the office of Principal of the Institution to take affect at the close of the present term…and based solely upon the conviction that she needs entire and permanent freedom from the anxieties and responsibilities of the position she has held for so long a period.”
–from the Board Minutes, March 4, 1845 and March 21, 1865



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